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58 Gallery

58 Gallery
58 Coles Street

The idea of 58 was based on a very simple and obvious question. How do we show so much talent that has fallen through the cracks of the art politics in the metropolitan area?The answer was to do it ourselves, our way while retaining complete creative control and autonomy.

The purpose of this unique space is to fill the gap created by the elitism of The New York art machine. Our approach to picking artists and exhibitions is to prioritize creativity and expression as the foundation between distiguishing creatives struggling to express themselves to the world and those that say they do.Authenticity and longevity are integral parts of the gallery which cannot be changed or be compromised. The gallery advances it's continuing mission of offering an alternative venue to artists and art lovers alike. Those wishing to experience Art first hand and enjoy artwork in the presence of the Artists are welcome to our regularly scheduled gallery openings. Join our e-mail list to be included in our mailings and to be invited to exclusive events at THE58.This site is still under construction and we invite you to bookmark it and visit frequently to learn how you can support the Arts and our gallery.

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