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Cha Tullis Gallery

Cha Tullis Gallery
108 West Main Street

Born in Carthage Missouri in a very large family with strong traditions. Cha Tullis began at a very early age to show his love of nature and art. Cha’ began creating artwork at a very early age and began to explore his talents in all mediums. He Struggled to concentrate in one medium as he was growing up and still to this day works in a number of very different mediums. His talent to successfully blend those mediums to fit his style proves that his future accomplishments will be endless.

In his teen years Cha accomplished silver and goldsmithing while still exploring the possibilities and techniques of painting. The subject matter was as varied as the mediums while his creative spirit led him in many directions. Winning awards and recognition in state, city and school sponsored shows his accomplishments began to be recognized. As a jewelry designer & restorer Cha’s reputation grew and his business prospered. Always painting and creating in his spare time he longed for the opportunity to explore his creative side full time.

Today he spends most of his time in his Stone Turtle Studio creating wonderfully artistic steel sculptures, painting at the easel, and teaching for O.U. (Native American culture, craft and spirituality). His artwork has been featured in many national, regional and local print publications as well as television and radio programs. Cha’ is extremely grateful for all the interest and is always enthusiastic to speak to the public and share a story or two.

I’m constantly working on the next piece to satisfy the creative hunger that I have felt since childhood. Through the years, keeping the balance of creative time and what I call "down" time was difficult. As the years have passed I now realize that there is no true "down" time, my spirit is always creating and its best for me if I just follow the spirit with my body. I am fed by the end result, the process of moving on to the next creation. I start with an emotion and eventually the emotion becomes an image. My mission is to create a work of art that will bring that emotion to the viewer and in turn releasing my need so I may continue to the next.

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