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Hamill Gallery of Tribal Art

Hamill Gallery of Tribal Art
2164 Washington Street

The Gallery at 2164 Washington St. is open Thurs.-Sat 12-6 and Sun. 12-5. There is an entrance on Washington St. as well as a free parking lot (enclosed) and entrance in the back off Eustis St. Maps and directions can be found on their own web page. We are a few blocks west of Mass. Ave.on the edge of Roxbury and can be reached from Exit 18 off I-93 (S. E. Expressway).

Traditional African artworks are often not well understood. They all served a nonartistic function, to preserve and convey beliefs and values. The masks were part of full costumes and were used with music and dance in rituals for social control, education, status or entertainment. The figures depicted ancestors or spirits, and were venerated and received offerings in exchange for protection and well being. Answers to difficult questions about use and function can usually be found in our extensive reading room/bookstore. The sculptural power and artistic skill, however, are immediately evident. We have an introductory statement on Traditional African Art.

Outside the gallery over 60 major exhibits have been arranged for New England museums and college or school galleries, and we have cooperated with numerous other galleries, community events, fund-raisers and educational projects. For a listing see: Gallery History.

The photographic images are part of an ongoing series (now about 71) and are copywrited. They are available as 8.5x11" posters in a full set in a portfolio for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

The gallery staff includes Director Tim Hamill and Bobbi Hamill, The exhibitions are curated from Tim Hamill's extensive collection, and the works, with a few exceptions, are for sale.

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