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Henry Gregg Gallery

Henry Gregg Gallery
111 Front Street Suite 226

About Us:

The Henry Gregg Gallery specializes in the contemporary arts. The gallery owners seek to create, in the tradition of the great salons of the past, a lively and inspiring atmosphere where varied philosophies and the arts meet.

Artists shown at the Henry Gregg Gallery are from around the globe and are selected with care and respect. Curator,musician, painter, photographer Andre’ Martinez-Reed, has performed in many major cities and concert halls worldwide. He has been immersed in the arts since early childhood as a specially gifted child and has not ceased with his creative fire and spirit for over 50 years. His experience and travels have led to many alliances with many of today’s great creative artist from around the globe. As owner and curator of the gallery, he is very clear about the difference between showing and selling. Andre’ is more concerned with making a major contribution to art and often ponders the significance each show will have upon us now and for generations to come. Will the work of art be appreciated 100 years from now or more? He frequently eschews current trends. It is his mission to present museum-quality work that is both visionary and ground-breaking and meticulously presented. Artists he has shown are remarkable for their originality, craft man ship and their pursuit of making great art.

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