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Plaza Art Gallery

Plaza Art Gallery
8 West Plaza


After the disastrous fire of 1916, the Paris Plaza was rapidly rebuilt and by 1917 the square was again enclosed with buildings. The structure now occupied by the Plaza Art Gallery was commenced and finished in late 1916 and was the site of the Greiner and Mohr Drug Store with two doctors using the second floor.

Later, the building became the Hunt Dry Goods store and for a long period of time was the Austin Shoe Store. This was followed by a period of occupancy by the Vogue Fashion Store.

Restoration of the building was carried out in 1997 by Dr. and Mrs. William Hayden as a branch of the William and Elizabeth Hayden Museum of American Art. The restoration was supervised by Richard Hunt, a local builder, and efforts were made to retain the basic components of the original building - the plaster and brick walls, the pine floors, and the tin ceilings on both levels. The restoration was a nice addition to the Plaza - long considered one of the finest in the State of Texas.

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